Welcome to the Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic
at Westside Laser & Light 

The Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic at Westside Laser & Light provides affordable laser tattoo removal in a relaxed and upscale treatment facility located in the Aspen/Springbank Hill area of SW Calgary. Our patients feel comfortable with the knowledge and professionalism of our highly trained skin laser technicians. In addition to tattoo removal, we provide the latest anti-aging and aesthetic treatments with a number of different laser technologies. Our strength is in laser/skin tissue interaction so your safety is our top concern.

Tattoo removal is a major part of our business and we enjoy getting to know our patients as they visit us every 8 weeks or so for a number of treatment sessions. Treatments are usually very short and easy to book. Most often, your next appointment is reserved at the end of your last treatment.

Scheduling an appointment with us is simple and we provide an informative and free consultation. Call us Today at 403-685-0110.

Total Removal. Guaranteed.

With today's advanced Q-Switched laser technology, most tattoos can be removed completely with little risk of scarring. Our upgraded laser platform can safely remove all ink colors. During your free consultation, our comprehensive tattoo assessment will leave you feeling confident about your treatment with all of your questions answered including price and number of treatments. If you are looking to fade your tattoo for a cover-up, we offer special pricing for that too.

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Technology Makes Treatment Safe and Effective

Tattoo removal has been around pretty much since the first caveman permanently marked his skin with soot from a fire (true story). In the beginning, tattoos were removed with methods such as dermabrasion and surgical excision. When lasers first appeared over 30 years ago, tattoos could be removed but a nasty scar replaced the tattoo like a branding or "ghosted image" of the tattoo. Today, tattoo removal lasers are extremely sophisticated and inherently safe and effective as a result of their amazing technologies.

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Laser Skin Experts Means a Better Patient Experience

We pride ourselves on the level of treatment and care we provide at the Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic at Westside Laser & Light. Because we are a laser skin centre, you can feel safe and comfortable with your treatment. Our trained and certified laser technicians are experienced with laser/tissue interaction and have your safety and comfort as their top concern. You will find our award-winning treatment facility to be state-of-the-art, clean and professional. Let's get started today.

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